Why Arizona Oncology?

Benefits of Lung Cancer Treatment at Arizona Oncology

At Arizona Oncology, we understand that a new diagnosis of any form of lung cancer can be overwhelming. We offer an integrated team-oriented approach with dedicated, highly-trained physicians and staff to provide you with the highest quality compassionate care, including explaining the facts and answering your questions at every step along the way.

Our team of experts will arrange your consultation quickly so you can get the information you need. We will help you, and your family, to make individualized treatment decisions in partnership with our medical team. During this process, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to help manage your cancer and continue with routine activities of daily life. Extensive personalized treatment planning and care offered include:

Individualized Treatment Planning

Our program is designed to provide patients and their loved ones with the knowledge to help choose the course of treatment that best fits their needs, in collaboration with a specialized medical team. Advances in lung cancer research now allow us to plan personalized treatment based upon the specific biologic characteristics of your lung cancer, resulting in better outcomes and fewer side effects. During your consultation, you will learn about treatment options for your specific form of lung cancer. Also, we will answer your questions and ensure that you understand the reasoning behind our recommendations.

Multidisciplinary Case Review

Your medical team will perform an in-depth review of your case to enhance communication and guide individualized treatment recommendations. This will generally include input from medical oncology and radiation oncologists.

Patient Guidance

Arizona Oncology will work with patients to answer any questions or concerns you many have about your care. We can direct you to resources for financial assistance programs, community resources, supportive care programs, and more. Nurse Navigators are available at some locations. Feel free to ask your provider for more details.

Clinical Trials

Our participation in high-priority lung cancer clinical trials through US Oncology Research may provide early access to new therapies that may not be available elsewhere.  We believe in clinical research and hope that you will consider participating in the development of new treatments through innovative research, making strides to ensure that tomorrow’s care will be even better than today’s.

Testing and Treatment

Arizona Oncology offers the latest treatments in lung cancer, and our team provides the most informed, individualized treatment recommendations. Genetic counseling and screening for patients and their families are available at some locations. Feel free to ask your provider for more details.

Supportive Care

Our team is committed to supporting you throughout your lung cancer experience. We coordinate and work with many foundations throughout the community to help support your needs during and after treatment.

Convenient Appointments

Arizona Oncology has offices located throughout the state, where you will receive state-of-the art lung cancer treatment in a caring and comfortable environment close to home, work, and family. Our scheduling staff will work with patients to arrange appointments at an Arizona Oncology location that is most convenient for you.