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Practice News

Dr. Rafiyath’s newsfeatured on and


Arizona Oncology has announced Shamudheen M. Rafiyath, MD, will now be practicing at a permanent suite at the practice’s Rincon location, located in the Tucson Medical Center Rincon building. Dr. Rafiyath previously practiced at this location in a temporary suite and is proud to continue to provide expert cancer care to patients in the East Tucson area. READ... Read More

Dr. Gin Medscape Article Translated to Spanish


La oncología es una de las carreras más desafiantes emocional y mentalmente. Todos los días, los oncólogos toman decisiones desgastantes y tienen conversaciones difíciles con pacientes que luchan por sus vidas. READ FULL ARTICLE Read More

Dr. Aung Bajaj Quoted on Medical News Today


Dr. Aung Bajaj, a medical oncologist and hematologist with Arizona Oncology, not involved in this study told Medical News Today that “glioblastoma multiforme is considered the most aggressive type of brain tumor, and patients who are diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme typically live around 1-2 years.” READ FULL ARTICLE Read More

Arizona Oncology Mentioned in Arizona Business News


After being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, Jason McGrath is launching a blood test nationwide for the third-most common form of cancer in the U.S. READ THE FULL ARTICLE Read More

Dr. Gin published on


Robert Gin, MD, remembers how a cancer scare at age 17 led him to oncology. After noticing that lymph nodes in his neck were swollen, Gin went to the doctor. The physician told Gin that he might have cancer. When he got home, Gin was afraid to tell his parents because he didn't want to worry them. Although blood tests ultimately... Read More

Dr. Basel Shoua from Arizona Oncology discussed the dangers of vaping on Arizona PBS


The American Lung Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics just launched a joint campaign to help youth quit vaping and using electronic-cigarettes. Recent request by several public health experts at five major universities have also asked that CDC to correct misinformation about the dangers of vaping and its connection to lung cancer. Experts say it is more about illicit... Read More

Arizona Oncology Joins Relay for Life


Team “Arizona Oncology Cancer Knockers” is participating in the Green Valley/Sahuarita Relay for Life this year! On April 1st, our team will be joining others touched by cancer to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Anyone wanting to support the team and this worthy cause can donate at Read More

Dr. Hendershott’s comments on Bilateral Breast Cancer were published on!


What Are the Risk Factors of Bilateral Breast Cancer? A genetic mutation can increase the chances of developing tumors in both breasts. “However, bilateral breast cancer does raise the question of a possible genetic mutation that has allowed cancer to develop in both breasts at the same time,” said Dr. Hendershott. READ FULL ARTICLE Read More

AZ Oncology sponsored the Caboose Cup, a public opener to Tucson’s PGA tournament


TUCSON (KVOA) -- Arizona Oncology raised money for colon cancer screenings for patients without insurance on Sunday at their public opener for the Cologuard Classic golf tournament. AZ Oncology sponsored the Caboose Cup, a public opener to Tucson's PGA tournament, to raise awareness for cancer screening. Four current and former cancer patients played in the opener. VIEW ARTICLE ON KVOA... Read More

Dr. Hendershott’s Quotes on Beating Cancer While Pregnant Featured on


Dr. Karen Hendershott, breast surgical oncologist at Arizona Oncology told Newsweek that most breast cancer treatments can be given during the second and third trimesters: "This includes surgery and most forms of chemotherapy," she said. But some treatments can harm the fetus at any time during pregnancy, and most doctors try to avoid these until after the delivery. One of... Read More


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