We wanted to reassure you that Arizona Oncology remains open to provide medically necessary, life-sustaining care. In addition, our expert care team can now see patients through scheduled virtual appointments on a secure platform from the comfort and safety of your home.

Updated visitor policy: For the safety of our patients and staff, no visitors will be permitted into the clinic. Family members and caretakers may participate in the appointments remotely by phone or video conference if desired. All patients and staff will be required to wear a face covering(or mask) that covers the nose and mouth. This new policy reflects the recent recommendations by the CDC to reduce community-based transmission.

If you have flu-like symptoms, you should contact Arizona Oncology before visiting our clinics for scheduled appointments. This includes fever and symptoms of respiratory illness, such as coughing or difficulty breathing.

We ask that you follow our tips to stay healthy and to help do our part in prevention of spreading of these viruses.

Virtual appointments are now available for select office visits.

Telemedicine at Arizona Oncology

Premier personalized cancer care no matter where you live.

For your safety and convenience, our expert team can now see patients through scheduled virtual appointments on a secure platform. Virtual appointments are only available for select office visits and cannot be used for emergency medical care.

Arizona Oncology strives to provide high quality, advanced treatment to patients everywhere in our state.

  • Telemedicine enables our physicians to connect directly with patients who need highly specialized care, even if they live many miles away from the physicians’ offices and clinics.
  • With telemedicine, patients across Arizona have access to our extensive and diverse expertise and more treatment options, while saving time and expense by limiting travel to a distant treatment facility.
  • It also offers patients options to visit with their doctor when traveling to the clinic is not ideal. Travel to the clinic may not be ideal because either the patient is at risk or the patient may live in a community at risk.

Telemedicine does not completely eliminate the need for patients to travel for certain aspects of treatment and in-person doctor visits.

In light of the coronavirus epidemic, Arizona Oncology implemented telemedicine services to many of our doctors in Arizona Oncology to allow them to evaluate patients that have infectious risk without bringing them in to the clinic.

  • It also allows us to continue to actively follow our regular patients while keeping our clinic volumes low. 
  • We will use this platform for the routine care and follow up of our patients who are not on active treatment, as this allows us to serve them and address their needs while they are at home.  
  • We will use this platform to support our patients who are on active treatment.


For more information, and to find out if your appointment is appropriate for Arizona Oncology’s telemedicine capability, contact your Arizona Oncology location for more information.