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Sarah Kilic, MD


College - Wesleyan University
Medical School - Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Internship - Cleveland Clinic
Residency - Cleveland Clinic


  • Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award for Outstanding Radiologic Research, Cleveland Clinic/Radiological Society of North America, 2023
  • Jerrold P. Saxton Award for Clinical Excellence, Cleveland Clinic, 2023
  • Conquer Cancer Merit Award, American Society of Clinical Oncology, 2022
  • Jay Harris Junior Faculty Research Grant, Dana Farber Institute/Brigham and Women’s Hospital (co-principal investigator), 2021


Sarah Kilic, MD attended Wesleyan University for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in molecular biology and biochemistry. She went on to receive her medical degree from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School before completing an internship in internal medicine and a residency in radiation oncology at the Cleveland Clinic.

As a general radiation oncologist, Dr. Kilic is experienced in treating cancer in every part of the body. She has a particular interest in treating brain, breast, and gynecologic tumors. Dr. Kilic specializes in advanced image-guided external beam radiation therapy techniques, including stereotactic body radiation therapy/stereotactic radiosurgery and intensity-modulated radiation therapy, as well as high-dose-rate gynecologic brachytherapy.

Dr. Kilic is passionate about scientific research and advancements in radiation oncology. She has authored over 30 publications in various medical journals, including JCO Oncology Practice and the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics. She has also published several book chapters and presented her research at multiple oncology conferences, including the American Society of Radiation Oncology and the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meetings.


Dr. Kilic initially planned to pursue a career as a molecular biologist. Though she enjoyed research, she found she missed the opportunity for direct human connection. During a radiation biology research rotation, she discovered the field of clinical radiation oncology and saw it as an opportunity to make a direct positive impact on individual patients’ lives while still incorporating science and research into her career.

Dr. Kilic believes each patient is unique, and therefore, she approaches each patient with not only meticulous attention to the details of their cancer, but also with empathy and respect for their specific human needs. Dr. Kilic knows her patients as people, not just as their diagnoses, and will always approach their care with attention to their needs as an individual.


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  • American Society for Radiation Oncology
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • American College of Radiation Oncology
  • Society for Women in Radiation Oncology
  • Gold Humanism Honor Society
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society