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Local Breast Cancer Patient Urges Women to Get Screened


TUCSON (KVOA) - Back in August, Stephanie Soto was diagnosed with breast cancer at 39-years-old.

"It's scary you have so many emotions but you have to think to yourself do you want to live here do you want to live," said Soto.

Stephanie said her family does have a history of breast cancer, which prompted her to start chemotherapy as soon as possible.

"People are afraid that something's going to be found so they just keep putting it off," said Dr. Rebecca Viscusi.

Dr. Viscusu said some women face more challenges than others when it comes to this form of cancer.

"Hispanic women tend to put off their screening and do to that they tend to present at a later stage which makes treatment a little more difficult," said Viscusi.

But the main message to all women.

"It's important to get a screening that allows us to find breast cancer at an earlier stage and it makes it much easier to treat," said Viscusi.

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