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Arizona Oncology, Radiology Ltd. team for imaging services mentioned on Inside Tucson Business


Arizona Oncology, a provider of comprehensive cancer care, has partnered with Radiology Ltd., one of the state’s largest radiology practices.  Now, Radiology Ltd. will provide all image interpretations at Arizona Oncology’s two Tucson imaging locations — Rudasill and Swan. READ FULL ARTICLE Read More

Young Women, Advocate For Your Breast Health


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Young Women’s Breast Concerns Often Ignored


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What Is Metastatic Lung Cancer?


Metastatic lung cancer, also called advanced lung cancer, means cancer that starts in the lungs and spreads to other parts of the body. The word “metastatic” means cells from the cancerous tumor have separated from its initial site of development and spread to other parts of the body via the blood or lymphatic system. READ FULL ARTICLE Read More

Arizona Oncology Announces Agreement with Radiology Ltd.


Arizona Oncology, a leading provider of comprehensive cancer care, announced a new relationship with Radiology Ltd., one of the largest radiology practices in the state. READ FULL ARTICLE Read More

Common Multiple Myeloma Symptoms You Should Know


Multiple myeloma also often doesn’t have early symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose in its early stages, said Laurie Chen, MD, a medical oncologist and hematologist at Arizona Oncology. READ FULL ARTICLE Read More

Dr. Kilic Was Featured on Inside Tucson Business


Dr. Kilic was featured in the Inside People in Action section on the Inside Tucson Business digital print magazine. READ THE ARTICLE Read More

Insights From A Breast Cancer Surgeon, Survivor


Breast cancer is a disease that affects millions of women and men worldwide. As a breast cancer surgeon at Arizona Oncology — and a survivor of the disease myself — here are five essential things you should know about breast cancer. 1. Early detection is key Finding breast cancer at an earlier stage sets you up for the best outcomes and may allow... Read More

How Long Can You Live with Metastatic Breast Cancer?


Let’s face it: A metastatic breast cancer diagnosis is scary. Unlike breast cancer, which has a very high survival rate—an average of 90% over five years—metastatic breast cancer isn’t curable. But technology, treatments, and therapies are constantly improving, experts say, which means a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis is not an automatic death... Read More

The One Thing Doctors Who Treat Colon Cancer Say You Should Never, Ever Do


Colon cancer is growing increasingly common, especially among younger adults. Adults under 50 have seen increasing rates of colorectal cancer since the 1990s, even as rates have dropped among older adults. Thankfully, the disease is still relatively rare, affecting about one percent of adults, but that's still one in every 100 people. READ FULL ARTICLE Read More


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