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Treatment & Services

Minimally Invasive Colon & Rectal Surgery

There are a variety of diseases and conditions of the colon and rectum for which surgery is recommended. In addition to the decision to undergo surgery, patients are often faced with a choice of traditional or minimally invasive surgical techniques. In order to participate fully in the decision-making process, patients need information about the following issues:

  • How is traditional “open” surgery performed?

  • What is “minimally invasive colon and rectal surgery”?

  • A description of the minimally invasive surgery techniques available

  • The benefits and risks of minimally invasive surgery

  • The types of operations and diseases for which minimally invasive surgery is appropriate

  • Individual patient factors that must be considered

  • Questions to discuss with the surgeon

Minimally invasive colon and rectal surgery is a continually changing field. Every year brings new information based on further refinements and increasing use of these techniques.

Learn more about minimally invasive surgery at ASCRS.