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Before Radiation Therapy Begins

Before radiation therapy can be given, your cancer care team will need to create a specific plan for how and where they're going to give the radiation. To do that they may need to do a CT Simulation and/or Imaging Fusion to gather information to use in the cancer treatment plan

CT Simulation

Enhances radiation treatment planning by generating three-dimensional images for the utmost accuracy in targeting and mapping specific treatment areas. With Virtual CT Simulation, oncologists can deliver high doses of radiation to a tumor, while minimizing the amount of radiation to normal, surrounding tissues.

Treatment planning is enhanced with the use of a three-dimensional treatment planning computer. Using the information and images provided by the Virtual CT Simulator, the computer generates a treatment plan tailored to the patient's cancer care needs. Guided by three-dimensional models, the physician, physicist and dosimetrist can accurately determine the most effective dose of radiation to be delivered during treatment.

Imaging Fusion

This technology enhances radiation treatment planning by enabling oncologists to more precisely and confidently locate and define tumors. With Imaging Fusion, oncologists can incorporate additional information from MRI, PET, and other modalities to scale, rotate, and translate images into 3D for an accurate perspective of their size and shape.

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