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  • Essential Oils and Cancer Treatment Side Effects

    December 28, 2018

    Essential Oils and Cancer

    11 common essential oils used in aromatherapy for managing cancer symptoms and side effects include:

    • Lavender: used to relieve stress, improve sleep, reduce inflammation, and treat depression
    • Eucalyptus: used to invigorate, reduce fever, and fight migraines and bacterial infections
    • Geranium: used to ease anxiety, reduce depression, and promote sleep
    • Tea tree (Melaleuca): can ease pain, reduce inflammation, and fight bacteria.
    • Lemon: used to get relief from pain, anxiety, nausea, and vomiting
    • Chamomile: used to soothe, promote sleep, and support the immune system
    • Bergamot: used to treat stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue
    • Peppermint: used to boost energy, enhance mental alertness, fight fever, and relieve nausea and other digestion issues
    • Ginger: used to stimulate appetite and help ease nausea, vomiting, and bowel problems
    • Cedarwood: can promote relaxation and reduce stress
    • Frankincense: used to reduce inflammation and pain, boost immunity, soothe skin irritations, fight infections, and improve anxiety

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  • 6 Signs and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer That Every Woman Should Know

    December 12, 2018

    Ovarian Cancer Signs and Symptoms

    6 ovarian cancer signs and symptoms every woman should know: 

    1. Changes in appetite
    2. Bloating or increase in abdominal girth
    3. Frequent urination
    4. Changes in menstruation
    5. Discomfort in the pelvis
    6. Low energy 

    September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, so it's a good time to learn more about early detection and save lives. About 22,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year in the US. While about half of all cases happen in women who are age 63 and older, all women face some risk of developing the disease. Certain risk factors, including being overweight and a history of ovarian cancer in the family, may increase your chances of being diagnosed. Ovarian cancer research clinical trials are underway, but it's still good for patients to be educated about detecting ovarian cancer early.

    Only 19% of women are diagnosed in the early stages of this disease. That’s because many symptoms of ovarian cancer could also be signs of less serious medical problems. However, if you notice any of these symptoms for more than 12 days per month and they are new to you, it is time to visit your gynecologist for a checkup:

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