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Request an Appointment for Genetic Risk Evaluation & Testing

If you feel that you and your family would benefit from understanding the results of a genetic risk evaluation and test for cancer, you can schedule an appointment with one of Arizona Oncology’s Genetic Counselors or Nurse Practitioners. You do not need to be a current Arizona Oncology patient to undergo genetic testing at one of our cancer centers.

Call your physicians' office today for a Genetic Testing Appointment: 

Arizona Oncology makes genetic testing available throughout the state. Our service area includes Northern Arizona, the Phoenix Metro Area, and Tucson. 

To schedule a Genetics Testing appointment in Tucson/Southern Arizona, call April Mericle, genetics coordinator, at 520-797-4468.

What to Expect at Your Genetic Risk Evaluation & Testing Appointment

For Phoenix and N. Arizona patients you will be asked to complete a short online family history survey that will assist the genetic counselor in selecting the best gene panels for you. You should complete this before your genetic testing appointment at one of our cancer centers.  Click below to complete the form. 

Complete the Online Assessment

After you complete your online family history, our genetic coordinator will reach out to discuss next steps. During your appointment, a genetic counselor will review your personal and family history, and genetic testing options, if appropriate. When your results come back, the genetic counselor will discuss them with you over the phone and schedule a follow-up visit if results are positive. By the end of the process, you should better understand your own cancer risks and risks for your family.


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