COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS:    VIEW THE practices Arizona Oncology has implemented to protect our patients and their families.
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COVID-19 Donations

Donations Protocol

Arizona Oncology is currently accepting donations of masks, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. We appreciate the generosity and kindness that our friends in the community are displaying at this challenging time. We ask that donors:

  • Put donation in a clearly marked box or bag.
  • Contact the location to advise that you plan to drop off a donation.
  • Clearly mark your box or bag with your name, organization, and contact information.
  • Do not come inside the clinic. Rather, please leave your donation at the door with the front door screener.

If you have a larger donation that requires coordination:

  • Tucson please call Stephanie @ 520-237-0881
  • Phoenix please call Brilda @ 480-433-9822
  • Northern Arizona please call Machelle @ 623-249-8059
  • Or email

Thank you for your support!

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