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Careopolis: a metropolis of love and empathy

We at Arizona Oncology view our role in promoting togetherness and empathy in holistic ways. Likewise, in how we strive to empower patients, caregivers and loved ones throughout involved health journeys.

A Careopolis is an online “caring community” created and operated by you and your invited loved ones. It is invitation-only, mobile-friendly, bilingual (English & Spanish) and contains:

  1. An interactive storytelling solution
  2. Collaboration calendar
  3. Photo-sharing tools
  4. Community blog
  5. More

The integrated tools work altogether to enhance the texture and durability in how loved ones become and remain engaged as a supportive fabric of connectedness.


A Careopolis is a metropolis of love and empathy. It
enhances connectedness among friends and loved ones
throughout any healing or aging journey.




Start your Careopolis today.
It’s fast, easy and free.



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