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Ways to Minimize Side Effects from Cancer Treatment

July 18, 2021

Ways to Minimize Side Effects from Cancer Treatment

Because of advances in cancer treatment, more and more people can expect to reach remission or to live a long life with cancer. This is wonderful news! However, going through cancer treatment often isn’t easy. Cancer medications and radiation treatments can cause a variety of side effects that can be difficult to deal with. Here are some things you can do at home or with the help of your doctor to minimize side effects from cancer treatment.

Appetite Loss. People being treated for cancer often don’t feel hungry. But when you don’t get enough nutrients, you can become weak, dehydrated, or lose too much weight. If you are experiencing appetite loss from cancer treatment, try these tips:

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What is a Cancer Survivorship Plan

July 17, 2021

A chat with Dr. Dana Chase

In a recent “Ask the Experts” panel with Ilana Feuchter from the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, Arizona Oncology’s Dr. Dana Chase went over the details of a cancer survivorship plan and how to build one.

A cancer survivorship care plan should contain four basic elements: what you went through, what you need to do for follow up, what to watch for, and how to keep yourself healthy moving forward. It may also include legal and insurance-related documents that can affect your future care. Let’s take a closer look at Dr. Chase’s tips for creating a cancer survivorship plan.

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Acupuncture, Massage and Other Touch Therapies for Cancer Patients

May 15, 2021

Cancer patients can greatly benefit from integrative (sometimes called “alternative”) therapies along with their medical treatments. Touch therapies like acupuncture, massage, manual lymphatic drainage, and reflexology can help with side effects of cancer treatment and also reduce pain and stress.

It is always important to talk to your doctor about any alternative therapy before starting it, as not all alternative therapies are recommended for all patients. Here is a list of Arizona Oncology Foundation’s approved touch therapies you can discuss with your doctor.

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How to Tell Your Family and Friends You Have Cancer

March 30, 2021

When your oncologist gives you a diagnosis of cancer, there are many things that begin to happen. You may need to arrange further doctor’s appointments and tests before your treatment plan begins. You’ll be feeling a lot of emotions and your mind may bounce in different directions.

One thing you may wonder is how to tell your family and friends that you have cancer. This is a personal experience for you, and you must do what feels most comfortable to you. Here are some things to consider before talking to friends and family.

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The Importance of Preventive Cancer Screening

February 23, 2021

Taking control of your health starts with being proactive. Screenings are a vital component of comprehensive healthcare and they’re the best way to identify cancer in its earliest stages, often before it causes any symptoms.

The physicians at Arizona Oncology want to encourage everyone to continue getting their regular screenings during these unprecedented times. Delaying important routine exams, such as mammograms, colonoscopies and lung screenings, can increase the chance of the cancer spreading to other organs. The fact remains, most cancer is treatable if detected early.

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