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Caring for the Caregiver

December 28, 2021

Being a caregiver to someone with cancer can be difficult. This blog post is meant to be a resource for people helping someone who is going through cancer. If you are a cancer patient, you might want to share this information with the people closest to you who are helping and supporting you during this time.

Challenges of Being a Caregiver

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Let’s Talk Prostate Cancer for No-Shave November

November 16, 2021

No-Shave November is an annual movement to bring awareness to men’s health issues in a provocative way. Men participate by growing a beard and/or mustache throughout the month of November. They take a photo of their clean-shaven face on November 1st and a final picture on the 30th. Hopefully, during the thirty days in between, they can have conversations about important men’s health topics, including prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer is the second-most common cancer affecting men

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a Reminder to Get Screened

October 25, 2021

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a good reminder to talk with your doctor about whether it is time for your breast cancer screening. Of course, being aware of your breast health is important all year long. No matter what month it is, we hope this information will encourage you to talk to your doctor about your breast cancer risk and what you can do to stay healthy.

Breast cancer survival rates continue to improve. The average 5-year survival rate for women with invasive breast cancer is 90% 1. If the cancer is located only in the breast, the five-year survival rate is 99%. One of the reasons these rates are so high is because we are catching breast cancer earlier, when it's more treatable. This is thanks to screening tests like mammograms.

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Breast Surgery Q&A With Arizona Oncology Breast Surgeons

October 10, 2021

October is a month we focus on Breast Cancer Awareness, so let’s speak directly with two of Arizona Oncology’s breast surgeons, Ronald Bauer, MD and Karen Hendershott, MD, FACS about their recommendations.

Q:  What are the latest techniques when it comes to surgery for breast cancer?

Dr. Bauer: There aren’t too many new surgical techniques in breast surgery right now. In general, we are doing more conservative procedures than in the past and relying more on radiation and new drugs given by medical oncologists. These treatments have a similar survival to the past aggressive surgical techniques without the morbidity of surgery.

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Ways to Minimize Side Effects from Cancer Treatment

July 18, 2021

Ways to Minimize Side Effects from Cancer Treatment

Because of advances in cancer treatment, more and more people can expect to reach remission or to live a long life with cancer. This is wonderful news! However, going through cancer treatment often isn’t easy. Cancer medications and radiation treatments can cause a variety of side effects that can be difficult to deal with. Here are some things you can do at home or with the help of your doctor to minimize side effects from cancer treatment.

Appetite Loss. People being treated for cancer often don’t feel hungry. But when you don’t get enough nutrients, you can become weak, dehydrated, or lose too much weight. If you are experiencing appetite loss from cancer treatment, try these tips:

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