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Dr. Cortas Featured in ClassPass: Going Through the Journey with my Patients Taught Me to See the Person, Not Just the Patient


Dr. Cortas is featured this article, ClassPass: 22 Women Share the Powerful Lessons They’ve Learned Through Breast Cancer.

You have to scroll down to the 20th entry or read below. 


“As a physician and patient advocate, I’m extremely passionate about helping patients and their families through the hardest battles of their lives: the fight against cancer. Since I started working with breast cancer patients, my priorities in life and the way I practice medicine have changed. It’s made me look deeper into their eyes to understand what they’re going through, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. It’s made me focus on them as individuals, not just on the cancer.

I can see through the mother’s eye how hard it is to think about her kids when going through treatment. It’s taught me how resilient a person can be. I look at priorities in my life differently now. I don’t dwell over trivial issues. I concentrate on what matters—my kids, my husband, my friends and my faith. It’s made me a stronger person with a bigger heart who appreciates life more.”

 —Tania Cortas, breast cancer expert with Arizona Oncology

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