Summer Travel with Cancer

August 7, 2018

summer travel with cancer

Many patients worry about cancer getting in the way of daily life, which may include their summer vacation or travel plans. Initially, yes, a cancer diagnosis can put certain things on hold – but in most cases, it’s only temporary. Once your cancer treatment plan is in place, resuming everyday activities often becomes more manageable – even when it involves going on a trip. Traveling with cancer may involve some extra planning, but there are ways to help it be less stressful and more enjoyable. Here are some tips to get you started so you can enjoy the travel season.  

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The Importance of Exercise - Before, During and After Cancer Treatments

May 3, 2018

Exercise before, during and after cancer treatments

Did you know that exercise is one of the most important actions you can take during your cancer treatment? It’s true!

New research has shown that exercise before, during, and after cancer treatments can:

  • Help alleviate side effects of cancer treatment, such as fatigue, pain, and bone and muscle loss
  • Fuel your appetite
  • Improve your quality of life by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Reduce the risk of cancer recurrence
  • Help sustain your heart health
  • Maintain or improve your physical abilities
  • Boost your self-image and confidence
  • Help control your weight 

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Managing the Holidays with Cancer

November 10, 2017

Managing the Holidays with Cancer

It’s not hard to feel exhausted and overwhelmed during the holiday season, even for people in perfect health; therefore, it’s easy for that feeling to become magnified when you’re battling cancer. You may not have the energy to battle Black Friday crowds, deck the halls and entertain as guests as you have in years past, and guess what? It’s OK.

If you’re a cancer patient it’s important to not overwhelm or overwork yourself, but don’t isolate yourself either. Here are some ways cancer patients many other cancer patients have been about to manage, and even enjoy, the holiday season while undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment.

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Cancer and Holidays

December 2, 2016

The holidays are usually a busy, fun, and festive time of year. When you are dealing with managing a cancer diagnosis, the holidays can be very stressful. Going through cancer treatment during the holidays will change your interpretation of the most celebratory time of the year. It is difficult to feel festive when you are worried about your health care needs. You may not have the energy to “tackle” the holidays as you have in the past.

It is impossible to completely eliminate the extra stress brought on by the holiday season. If you and your family are handling the impact of cancer and treatment, here are a few tips to keep in mind during this holiday season:

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