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What Does Arizona Oncology’s APEx Accreditation for Radiation Oncology Mean for Cancer Patients?


Arizona Oncology has achieved a four-year accreditation from the American Society for Radiation Oncology’s (ASTRO) Accreditation Program for Excellence (APEx®). APEx is an independent radiation oncology practice accreditation program based on a set of sixteen evidence-based standards of radiation oncology practice. These standards are focused on five pillars of patient care:

  • The process of care
  • The radiation oncology team
  • Safety
  • Quality management
  • Patient-centered care

What an APEx Accreditation means for patients is that Arizona Oncology is committed to high standards of safety and quality in radiation oncology. Patient-centered care is our top goal by promoting effective communication, coordinating treatment, and engaging patients and their families as partners in care.

Arizona Oncology received the four-year accreditation for radiation oncology services on May 1, 2017 from ASTRO.


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