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Dr. Jason Salganick of Arizona Oncology featured on ABC 15 Smart Family to discuss New FDA Sunscreen Guidelines!


New FDA sunscreen guidelines mean your current lotions may not be living up to their claims 

According to a report published this summer, the FDA now says the creams and lotions we lather on may not be protecting our families fragile skin from the suns dangerous rays as much as we thought.

In fact, some of those "water proof," "sweatproof," even "sunblock" claims are not true, according to the FDA. New rules and guidelines have been put into place to help protect your family.

Dr. Jason Salganick from Arizona Oncology gives us the nuts and bolts of what we need to know.

SF: It's so important in Arizona especially that we are protected from the sun. Tell us about the new guidelines being put in place when it comes to sunscreen protection.

Dr. Salganick:
--The FDA wants skin products with the term "Broad Spectrum" to mean they protect you both from UVB light that causes burns and UVA lights that can cause cancer.
-- Products with SPF 15 or higher need to have proven "broad spectrum" capabilities.
-- Highest level is SPF 50, beyond that is "SPF 50+"
-- The term "Water resistance" can only promise benefit for up to 80 minutes
·--The terms "Waterproof" or "Sweatproof" or "Sunblock" cannot be used

SF: You have identified 13 products that all meet those standards. And they come in several price points and categories, lets walk through some of those starting with those that are just part of your daily moisturizing routine.

Dr. Salganick:
Women's Face/Neck Creams with SPF
· Olay complete defense SPF 30 UV moisturizer sensitive cream ($12.00)
Available at Target, Walgreens or Ulta
· Shiseido urban environment UV protection cream SPF 35 ( $30.00)
Available at Nordstrom

SF: What about actual sunscreen products?

Dr. Salganick:
General Daily Sun Screen for Face and Body
· Neutrogena spectrum + advanced sunblock lotion spf 100+ ($13.00)
Available at Target, Walgreens or Ulta
· MD SolarSciences Ultra Mineral Screen Gel SPF 50+ ($30.00)
Available at

Daily Sun Screen for Active Body
· MD SolarSciences Mineral Screen Gel SPF 30+ Sensitive Skin ($24.00)
Available at

SF: How about those that help protect our children's skin?

Dr. Salganick:
Baby Products with SPF
· Johnson's Baby Daily Face and Body Lotion SPF 40 ($10.00)
Available at Target, Walgreens or Ulta
· Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Sunblock Spray SPF 70+ ($11.00)
Available at Target, Walgreens or Ulta

SF: How often should we be applying these products?

Dr. Salganick:
On average every two hours, and more if you are doing excessive exercise or activity in the water.

New guidelines offically go into effect next year, but it might be good to start really looking for those "Broad Spectrum" UVA and UVB labels, and follow the new guidelines now.


AZ Oncology

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